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Personal Details

Full Name – Colin Olliver

Nationality - British

Location - UK – Dorset

UK Security Clearance: NO

Office -  + 44 1202 313619

Mobile - +44  7730881260

Email –

Professional Summary

  • An expert technical developer of Microsoft Reporting Services and SQL Server development.
  • A strong ETL developer using Microsoft Integration Services and SQL Server.
  • Systems Analyst and Development Consultant of management information, business intelligence initiatives, enterprise data warehouse development, analytics, trending and forecasting systems and information visualization solutions
  • Adapted to a fast paced, agile delivery environment.
  • Technically proficient in desktop reporting tools PowerPivot, QlikView and Open Source products.
  • Technically and architecturally proficient in Server based MI tools Reporting Services 2008, Sharepoint 2010, Performance point, Excel Services, Visio Services.
  • Accredited MCTS developer of data warehousing and OLAP products SQL Server 2008 and Analysis Services
  • Proficient configuration and installation administrator of Sharepoint 2010, PerformancePoint, and DotNetNuke Content management Systems
  • Following a proven set of conventions and appropriate methodologies, can prove best practice analysis, management and development techniques.
  • Been part of teams delivering high profile Business Intelligence and information related implementation projects.
  • Excellent listening, leadership and client handling and customer facing interpersonal skills.
  • Results focused with strategic foresight and clarity, exceptional documentation and conclusive work streams.
  • Distinctive ideas generator with problem solving, business analysis, design and process acumen.

Skills Summary

  • MCTS Microsoft Accredited Business Intelligence Developer SQL Server Development Specialist (SQL 2008)
  • Presently studying for MCTS Microsoft SQL Server Database Development
  • Installation and Configuration specialist of Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Modules and SharePoint and SharePoint modules.
  • Report and analysis developer in SharePoint 2010, Excel, SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS, Performance Point 2007, .NET charting and reporting, PowerPoint
  • Following a training plan in Data modelling and design of relational data warehouses and information applications in SQL Server 2008, utilizing Visio, Strong T-SQL programming and practitioner of Kimball and OLTP methodologies.
  • ETL / ELT Developer in SSIS.

MIS/Business Intelligence Development

Database/Mart development, Reporting design, MI Analysis and Business Objects, Oracle and SQL Server deployment   

2 Years

Application Development

Programming, testing and implementation

1 ½ Years

Systems Analysts, Design and implementation

Network infrastructure, Server/Hardware configuration and security                

1 ½ Years               

Business Analysis / Business Process Design

Ability to design processes procedures and documentation. Understand and negotiate, plan and prioritize.

5 years   

Data Architecture

Dimensional modelling, Data warehousing design and Business Intelligence           

1 Year

Industry Exposure

  • Energy, Utilities
  • Retail
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Capital Markets Banking, Loans, Hedging and Mortgages
  • Insurance, Financial & Large Call-Centres.
  • Clearing, BACS and Payment processing.
  • Banking and ATM processing.
  • Retail and Point Of Sale Transactional processing.
  • Charities

On-site Experience

March 2013 – Present          

Business Intelligence Consultant

Third Time Ltd – Condor Ferries Ltd 

 Condor Ferries was founded in 1964 and initially operated a passenger service between France and the Channel Islands. In 1987 the first service linking the Channel Islands with the UK was launched and since then Condor Ferries has operated a year-round service connecting the UK through Poole, Weymouth and Portsmouth, the Channel Islands through Guernsey and Jersey and the ports of St Malo and Cherbourg in France.


  • Redesign Condor Ferries poorly performing daily Data Warehouse load.
  • Design of a new Data Warehouse for Condor Ferries new engine monitoring system.
  • Create a suite of high level dashboards for Board members and Directors.
  • Design and build a bespoke drugs and alcohol testing system.
  • Migrating and redesigning reports from Business Objects onto a SQL Server environment.
  • Develop an application that will ping multiple servers on the network and return the results in a dashboard format.

SQL Server 2008 R2, Integration Services 2008, Reporting Services, Windows Server 2008, InfoPath, SharePoint, VNC, Business Objects, SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services, Batch Files

Required Responsibilities:

  • Design and develop a data warehouse using Kimball methodologies.
  • Build a scalable and fault tolerant ETL load, to process over 90 million records a day.
  • Converting Business Objects reports into fewer but more meaningful SSRS reports.
  • Using SharePoint to publish multiple SSRS reports.
  • Design and develop a bespoke drugs and alcohol testing system.  SharePoint lists were used to enable the business to choose how many people were to be tested and how often the tests were to be carried out.  Once this had been done an automated process selected employees at random and automatically informed their line managers of the tests that needed to be carried out.
  • Create InfoPath forms to streamline time consuming business processes.
  • Performance tuning of Condor Ferries primary databases through Indexing, archiving and disk architecture.
  • Tuning and redesign of existing SSIS packages.
  • Design new development standards both internal and external.
  • Automate database management.
  • Automate the collection of Google Analytics data using SSIS.
  • Fully document the solutions.

September 2012 – February 2013

Business Intelligence Consultant

Third Time Ltd – Chaucer Holdings PLC (The Hanover Insurance Group)

Chaucer Holding PLC is a specialist insurance business, dedicated to providing UK motor and commercial insurance solutions providing high quality targeted product lines via a nationwide broker network. Chaucer Insurance's products are focused on the UK private car market, covering fleets, family fleets, motor trade, specialist and bespoke motor schemes in addition to commercial offerings, covering Employers' Public and Products Liability. 


Develop an automated system to calculate the exposure of un-modelled risks.

Project Scope: 

Development of an ETL solution to extract data from multiple disparate sources while working within SOX and Solvency II guidelines.


SQL Server 2008 R2, Integration Services 2008, Reporting Services, Windows Server 2008, Erwin, Visio, Visual Source Safe, QlikView

Required Responsibilities:

  • Design and develop a Data Warehouse using Kimball methodologies.
  • To set up multiple Virtual Servers for development, UAT and Production.
  • Plan and organize the translation of functional specifications into technical design.
  • Data modeling using Erwin.
  • Design and build over 130 SSIS packages using IM Groups ETL templates to extract, transfer and load data from multiple sources while ensuring that SOX and Solvency II standards are meet. 
  • Creating scripts that would allow for custom functionality within SSIS
  • Use spatial data within SSRS to develop Heat Maps.
  • Fully document the solution.
Solution Synopsis: 
  • The solution is built upon Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, with SSIS ETL packages and Erwin for data modelling.

June 2012 – August 2012

Business Intelligence Consultant

Third Time Ltd – Open Doors UK     

Open Doors UK is a charity that was formed over 57 years ago with a goal to help persecuted Christians worldwide.  For the last 7 years the charity has been using self-service BI solutions to help with the analysis of data in which they hold.  As the charity has grown they are finding it more and more difficult to collate and represent the ever growing donation database.  The project involved the design, development and implementation of an OLAP database.


Agile Scrum Development, SQL Server 2008 R2, Integration Services 2008, Analysis Services 2008, Reporting Services 2008,  virtualisation

Required Responsibilities:

  • To design and plan a solution with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence products to meet the requirements of  the Management Information team.
  • Design and develop a data warehouse, OLAP cube and Business Intelligence solution using Kimball methodologies.
  • Build 12 SSIS packages to extract, transfer and load data the from the source system to the data warehouse.
  • Delivery of a suite of tactical business intelligence dashboards using SSRS and MDX
  • To conclusively document the solution

Solution Synopsis: 

  • The solution is built upon Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, with SSIS ETL packages, a SSAS OLAP cube and SSRS to create a daily dashboard

February 2012 – May 2012              

BI Reporting Services Developer

Third Time Ltd - British Gas (Centrica) Smart Metering MI (4 months)   

By 2014 all gas and electric meters in the UK must be Smart meters. British Gas is leading this roll out and is completing a very large data warehouse that will enable both detailed customer service response and high level trend analysis of energy consumption. The smart meters break down the meter consumption reading for every half hour of the day meaning enormous or very valuable untapped information is being seen for the first time at such a detailed level. 


Agile Scrum Development, SQL Server 2008, Integration Services 2008, Reporting Services 2008

Required Responsibilities:

  • To assist in the creation of a suite of 39 operational and MI reports
  • To offer design and functionality techniques in presenting data within Reporting Services
  • Develop SQL Stored Procedures, Charts, Tables utilizing the best features of SSRS such as Hyperlinked reports and Object What If analysis.
  • Develop the underlying data warehouse adding dimensions and updating aggregate and fact tables.
  • Re utilising SSIS templates for the creation of delta and full load processes.
  • Was a technical authority in using SSIS principles.
  • Built SSIS monetary reports, clever configuration setup and performance management utilities.
  • Sitting in to daily scrums and delivering to a sprint based delivery project.

July 2011 – Current              

Business Intelligence and CMS Developer

Third Time Ltd Bournemouth, UK    

Third Time is a Microsoft Partner Business Intelligence Solutions provider to large corporate entities and small to medium enterprises. Third Time offers a new approach to onsite consultation having a consortium of experts to be called upon at any time with the single consultant on site at all times. Following a highly selective interviewing process a few candidates have been selected as junior BI developers to undergo an intensive six month comprehensive course in BI and Application development.

Training Courses Attended:

ASP.NET C# Introduction - JB International Training London 5 days

MCTS SSRS/SSIS/SSAS Implementing and Maintaining BI Solution 2008- Deveril Bournemouth 5 days- MCTS attained

MCTS SQL Development – Developing SQL Server 2008 databases

Agile Development with Scrum - Third Time Bournemouth 2 days

Building Effective Microsoft BI Solution – Microsoft Online 40 Hours project phase 1 (3 months)

The project is an on-going entrepreneurial venture being funded by a well-known health club certain functionality is covered under a non-disclosure agreement. In principle the tool is to provide a web-based event booking system with mapping and search tools with additional analytics and ecommerce functionality.

Role Dimensions:

Web Applications, Agile Scrum Development, SQL Server 2008, MVC3, ASP.NET, Search Engine Optimisation

Required Responsibilities:

  • To sit in and arrange a product backlog of features and user stories for the project.
  • To set up the development, testing and production environments, designing the infrastructure from written requirements and workshops.
  • To provide network topologies, data model designs and development support.
  • To install and configure multiple server instances with Windows 2008 R2, SQL Server R2 and Sharepoint 2010 (Including Excel Services, Performance Point Server, Visio Services and Reporting Services)
  • Manage the administration of Active Directory to handle users.
  • Performance tuning of Windows Server 2008R2, SQL Server 2008R2 and SharePoint.
  • To develop and maintain multiple large MI dashboards utilizing SharePoint/PerformancePoint as the reporting platform.
  • Design and implement multiple web parts for SharePoint.
  • Set up several intranet sites for specific business areas within SharePoint.
  • Train staff on the successful implementation and use of Power View for SharePoint.
  • Train business users on how to use Report Builder 3 for ad hoc reporting.  This included demonstrations on how to use an OLAP cube as your data source.
  • Experience of working with Power View for Microsoft Office 2013 (Microsoft’s new self-service BI offering).
  • Set up services, backup processes and maintenance.
  • Design and Process Analysis Services Dimensions and Cubes building off the back web drive reporting services reports.
  • Use and maintain source control, team site and technical documentation

Role Dimensions:

Web Applications, Data Warehousing, Asp.Net, Reporting Services, SQL Server 2008, Telerik Components, DotNetNuke. project (2 months- ongoing) is a new consultancy within Business Intelligence technical provision. During the early phases of the company gaining new business certain foundation projects were undertaken, such as building the company website, initiating a web and marketing campaign, creating a Customer Relationship Management System, gauging business cases and coming up with a company strategy.

Required Responsibilities:

  • To build a customer database with GIS/distance calculations, associating Mosaic, Debt Risk and Corporate profile information to the customer set. (SQL Server 2008, SSIS)
  • To build a comprehensive website within DotNetNuke CMS to rival other consultancies, including Facebook and Linkedin integration, News articles, Event booking system and online Skills test and Job Application system.
  • To install and configure multiple server instances with Windows 2008 R2, SQL Server R2 and Sharepoint 2010 (Including Excel Services, Performance Point Server, Visio Services and Reporting Services)
  • To set up relationships with Bing, Google and yahoo to market the site within an adwords campaign, ensuring the site adhered to SEO.

Role Dimensions:

Web Applications, DotNetNuke, SQL Server 2008, Search Engine Optimisation

January 2008 – July 2011    

Senior Territory Manager (Permanent)

The Noisy Drinks Co Limited    West Thurrock, Essex   

 Noisy Drinks is a privately owned company which established itself in 2003.  With an unrivalled customer service operation it has become one of the UK’s leading suppliers to the leisure industry.

Required Responsibilities:

  • Managing the work flow of 91 sites across the south of England.
  • To design a system to stream line business critical processes this included invoice processing, customer management and asset management.
  • To design a system that would produce daily, monthly and yearly reports for company directors and senior management.
  • To capture and analyse user requirements.
  • Beta tester for the newly built systems and making recommendations on what improvements needed to be made in future releases.
  • Hold meetings with developers to establish what user stories need to be delivered in the next sprint.
  • To train and mentor employee’s on the correct use of the newly implemented systems.
  • Making sure that targets are reached and exceeded on a monthly basis. Prioritising workload and managing customers’ expectations including customer complaints.
  • Regularly creating sales reports for company directors.
  • Creating presentations to help focus and inform employees. Presenting the business to large National Companies
  • Pro-actively gaining business and identifying opportunities for business growth. Maximising sales through merchandising and brand awareness, including the attendance of trade shows and charity events
  • Managing stock levels in order to increase the company’s profitability and help cash flow.
  • Fault diagnostics and repairs of equipment/machinery
  • Collecting cash payments and managing the historic debt ledger, including the negotiation of payment solutions if necessary

Role Dimensions:

SQL Server 2005, Windows Mobile 6.5, Retail, Corporate, Area Management, Team Leading/Mentoring, Sales

September 2003 - December 2007       

Acting Branch Manager/Business Specialist (Permanent)

HSBC (Bournemouth, England)          

The Premier Branches of HSBC deal with high profile business clients and the generation of leads for Financial Planning and Commercial Managers. HSBC offers exceptional staff training and benefits with exposure to a global corporate environment and high pressure/high quality service.

Branch Manager (Acting) - November 2007 - December 2007

Required Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for opening and closing the branch
  • Key holder of branch including safes
  • Managing and motivating staff
  • Setting and achieving targets
  • Making quick decisions
  • Looking after the company’s public profile in the local area
  • Establishing a good relationship with affluent customers
  • Promoting HSBC products and services

Role Dimensions:

Management, Mentoring, Marketing, Public Relations, Sales

Business Specialist – January 2005 - November 2007

Required Responsibilities:

  • Dealing with business customers i.e.: opening accounts and sorting out business related problems
  • Business lending authority of 30k unsecured
  • Personal contact for all businesses in the area with a turnover of 500k or less, Conduct business reviews
  • Selling non-regulated products to businesses, Selling specific insurance products
  • Generating leads for Business Financial Planning Managers and Commercial Managers
  • Establishing needs a business may have and presenting solutions to save them time and money partaking in Client visits
  • Training individuals for the role and job of a Business Specialist, Trained for Mortgage Enquiry Consultant role
  • Carrying out demonstrations for customers on self-service equipment

Role Dimensions:

Management, Lead generation, Lending, Sales

Customer Services Representative - Sept 2003 – January 2005

Required Responsibilities:

  • Serving customers, dealing with enquiries, processing payments and customer complaints
  • Authorising large value foreign payments
  • Selling non-regulated HSBC products to customers
  • Investment Associate level 1


Sept. 1997 - July 2002          

St Peters School (Bournemouth, England)       

Qualifications obtained:

11 GCSE’s including Maths [B], English Language [C], English Literature [C], Science [C, C], Geography [C] and I.T [C].

Skills Summary Continued:

  • Application development Macromedia Studio suite Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, MVC, ASP.NET, HTML, XML and Web page design fundamentals.
  • Knowledge of hardware, network architecture and technical processes of information delivery with databases, connectivity, security and internet/intranet based systems. (Clustering, Database Connectivity, Web servers IIS, Apache, Terminal Services, File Transfer, etc.)
  • Expert in MS Product Suite MS Project, Visio, Macromedia Suite.
  • Mountain Biking, Motor Biking, Surfing, Fishing, Photography, Rock Climbing, and Computing

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Download Colin's CV
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